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Video goes on to explain how bad this Bill and Ban is by Dianne Feinstein. This bitch is trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights…


Video – The Falling Man

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This is the flight that was headed to either the Capitol Building or the White House. Several brave passengers, who had learned of their fate from home via sky phones, broke into the cockpit, fought with the hijackers, who then crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania before it could reach its target in Washington DC.  “Let’s Roll!” shouted passenger, Todd Beamer, as they stormed the cockpit!”


Lorne Lyles recalls phone call he got from his wife, CeeCee, who was a flight attendant on United 93

CeCe Lyles’ phone message

Mark Bingham’s call to his mother from Flight 93

Eye Witnesses

Tragedy and Bravery


This is a great video on the Histiry of Islam by Bill Warner. Check out his Blog at