The 16th Red Banner Submarine Squadron (Photos)

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The Red Banner submarine squadron was formed in 1938, but at that time it was called differently. By the way, the squadron changed its name many times. During its long and rich history, the squadron participated in WW II and several science experiments. Currently there are 20 submarines there, some of them serve in the world ocean. Today we’ll step aboard the nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine 949A Chelyabinsk.


Crews do not watch their submarines, there are special guard companies to do this work.

Restricted zone in the raduis of 5 meters.

As the vessel serves for the Russian navy, it is not allowed to see or photograph some of its strategical parts.

“Rooms” of the submarine.

The main command post of the ship.

The mess.

An address of a priest to the personnel about baneful influence of alcohol.

The presence of a sauna on the submarine surprises.

The steam room.

The swimming pool. A rubber duck is so cute!


After taking a shower, submariners can rest in cabins with flowers, watch TV or play chess that is rather useful.

Here parrots live.

Very nice and neat places.

The nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine 949 “Tver”.

The large submarine 877 “Saint Nicholas”.

The nuclear-powered submarine 671RTM in the foreground.

This sentry guards the squadron headquarters.

The squadron emblem. The antiaircraft division of nuclear-powered submarines, Kamchatka.

The rear admiral.

Training simulators.

The billiard room.

The rest room.

Quarters for crews personnel.

Those submariners who have families live in service apartments, those who do not – live in rooms of quarters.

The leisure room.

A bathroom.

The canteen for the ranks.

The canteen for officers does not differ a lot.

The skating rink “Iceberg”.

For the memory of the crushed Yaroslavl team. We remember.

Hockey is very popular here.

The entertainment center and water park “Ocean”.


The kindergarten.

A view on the military town.

Inside an apartment of one lieutenant.

The monument to the submarine “L-16″ sunk in 1942.

This slope near the town is a local favorite place as in winter it turns into a ski resort.

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