Russia’s New Attack Sub Starts Sea Trials in May

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

The submarine, named “Severodvinsk” after the city where it is built, is currently undergoing harbour trails at the construction yard Sevmash.

Severodvinsk” is said to be the most silent submarine ever built, making it difficult to detect by other naval vessels or other states subsea detection systems.

Construction of “Severodvinsk” started back in 1993, but was halted due to financial setbacks.

The last nuclear powered attack submarine launched from Sevmash naval yard was in December 2001, when “Gepard” – a Akula-class submarine  – was delivered to the Northern fleet.

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The new submarine will undergo sea trails during the summer, and will enter service with the Russian Navy by the end of the year, reports RIA Novosti. Most likely, “Severodvinsk” will be based on the Kola Peninsula and operate in the Barents Sea and North-Atlantic.

Severodvinsk is the first of the new Graney-class submarines. Construction of the second vessel of the class, named “Kazan“, started in 2009.

The new submarine will be the most heavily armed multi-purpose submarine sailing in northern waters. Its armament includes 24 cruise missiles, eight torpedoes in addition to mines and anti-ship missiles.


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