Muslims, Backed by the UN, are still Demanding that Israel Return the Dead Sea Scrolls

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

“until now the spirits of truth and falsehood struggle in the hearts of men, and they walk in both wisdom and folly, for god has estab­lished the two spirits in equal measure, until the renewal, when there shall be no more lies and all the works of falsehood shall be put to shame”.

Has the Bible been changed or corrupted as Islam claims? Muhammad claimed that the “People of the Book,” (the Children of Israel, the Jews), “changed the words from their right places and forgot a good part of the message” and “altered words from their context and neglected a portion of the message they were reminded of.” Yet the evidence proves otherwise. Virtually every place, person, custom, and event depicted in the Bible has been shown to have been grounded in history.

And nearly every single archeo­lo­gical artifact, from Noah to Abraham, from Moses to Christ, is evidenced by the Bible and dated to a time preceding Islam. Since the histo­ri­cally verified people, places, and dates corre­spond perfectly to the Biblical account, then things can not be as the Qur’an claims them to be. The Septuagint (the Greek trans­lation of the Hebrew Bible) survives to this day. It was trans­lated 275 years before Christ. It matches today’s Old Testament with astonishing fidelity. In addition, the Dead Sea Scrolls date between 250 BC and 70 AD, and are virtually indis­tin­guis­hable from today’s text. On them, Yahweh’s name is written 6,868 times and Allah’s not even once. Nor is Mecca or the Ka’aba. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint prove that the words of the Torah, Psalms, and Prophets did not change during the thousand years preceding Islam – or in the fourteen hundred years since.

Concerning the New Testament, by the time Muslims said it was corrupted, there were hundreds of trans­la­tions and as many as a hundred thousand copies distri­buted throughout the civilized world. And twenty-five thousand New Testament fragments and scrolls dating to more than five hundred years before the earliest surviving Qur’an testify that the Gospels remain unaltered. For Islam’s claim to be true, all of these sources – the histo­rical, the archeo­lo­gical, the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the hundreds of thousands of copies of the Old and New Testa­ments– would all have to have been altered in a conspi­ra­torial fashion that defies rational thought.

The odds are beyond impos­sible. No scholar, historian, or archeo­logist has ever discovered any artifact to suggest that the Bible erred – not even in the smallest detail. In fact, the opposite is true. So the Qur’an’s claim is impos­sible. And that means Islam cannot possibly be true.


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