Muslim Brotherhood: History of their “Reign of Terror”

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Muslim Brotherhood: The Reign of Terror

The reign of terror of the Muslim brotherhood can only be described as a malignant cancer that threatens every corner of the globe. As most know, the MB evolved in Egypt in 1928. The chronology below details the growth and far reaching impact of the MB. Today the MB is an outlawed radical sect in Egypt. The Mubarak Regime has over the last 29 years attempted to control and regulate this terror organization. In 2005 the Mubarak regime took their eye off the ball, and the MB infiltrated parliament under the guise of independents, gaining 88 seats. Here we are in 2010, and the Mubarak regime is working tirelessly to round up the MB. Again we have elections on 28 November 2010, and the MB are again attempting to circumvent laws by running as independents. The MB is an identified terror organization that has sprouted many radical off shots all over the world. Their off spring include some of the must radical and fundamental Islamic terror groups in the world. More alarming is their affiliate branches in over 70 countries, that pose as moderate organizations, such as CAIR.

The irony been, whilst Mubarak is attempting to eradicate the “nucleus” of the MB, western leaders are working directly against him by accepting these organizations and repeating the same mistake Egypt initially made when dealing with the MB. It is true Mubarak has the benefit of understanding the mindset of the MB, and understands the MB can NOT be negotiated with. The MB are banned and outlawed in Egypt for this very reason.

The naive western leaders are pussy footing around with a volatile time bomb they know very little about. All western countries need to stop working against the Mubarak regime, The support of any group directly, indirectly, affiliated with the MB is undermining the Mubarak effort. The affiliates of the MB provide tremendous financial support to the MB in Egypt and guarantee their survival.

Western leaders that engage in any rhetoric with any associate of a terror organization MB, are betraying their own. The world needs Politicians such as Geert Wilders, Sarah Palin, Pamela Geller and Hosni Mubarak. These people have the fortitude, conviction, courage, determination and good will to pursue righteousness and oppose any off spring or affiliate associate with MB or any other Islamic sects.

Change will only occur when true leaders “take the bull by the horns”, following in the path of the status quo and waving a white flag will not subdue the bull.

Most Horrific is that despite the numerous independent credible reports identifying MB with so called interfaith Islamic associations all over the world is the epitome of ignorance and dereliction of responsibility. The unwillingness of the Obama government to bring CAIR (Council American Islamic Relations) to account is treason and betrayal of the USA, and the allies of the USA.

So what is the answer, I would encourage the western leaders to engage and support the true independent Islamic reformers who are totally opposed to the radical elements in their midst. The current policy of engaging with off shots of the MB, and other terrorists, the western leaders are been counter productive and further suppressing the reformists desperately trying to gain a voice and to be heard. If Islam is going to be tolerated in the world, it must be reformed and brought into line with the UN charter of human rights The Islamic world also needs an Islamic watchdog that actively denounces and hunts down any sect or individual utilizing islam to wage war or terrorise the world. The Moderate reformers have always been quashed by the stealth islamists, It is time to put them on a pedestal and have them openly and widely condemn and challenge the radicals on the use of the Koran.

So whilst Mr Mubarak has learned from the prior mistakes of egypt, and is intent on not repeating them, our naive apathetic western readers are doing the exact opposite and have started walking down this well trodden thorny road to disaster.

Questions for western leaders
Will western governments aid rather than hinder the Mubarak government in exterminating the MB?
Will they follow suit and ban any affiliate or associate group of the MB and like wise arrest and try them?
Will Obama declare CAIR as a terror group that is know to be associated with Islamic terror groups?
Will Europe unify and ban all Islamic organizations and sect associated with terror groups?
Will all western leaders assist support and promote true Islamic reformers who are independent of any terror organization?
Will Western government eventually allow for the Muslim Brotherhood or their affiliate branches to run on their own political party’s ticket?
Why does Obama policy consider the Muslim Brotherhood and associated affiliates as important organizations to hold talks with whilst Mr Mubarak is attempting to eradicate them in the country they spawned?
Can a democratic government include a religious based political party openly pursuing reform in favor of Islam and still be a democracy?
Can the affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political members’ voiced commitment to democracy be trusted when ultimately the Quran does not support a democracy, but rather a full commitment to Islam through and Shariah law?
Is the Brotherhood’s purported transition in recent years to a “overall more moderate perspective” due to a genuine desire or a strategic move to stem the world wide condemnation and undisputable links between Islam and terror?
Do western leaders sincerely believe these affiliates will never alter stance and make unrealistic demands, as is the case with Hamas and Hezbollah?
Does the interfaith engagement with Brotherhood or their affiliates encourage other extremist groups to act more violently when they see the Brotherhood leaders behaving even more moderately than before, when the extremist group leaders first broke away from the organization?

Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is a multi-national Islamic revivalist organization based in Egypt and founded by a primary school teacher, Hassan al-Banna. Originally established in 1928 as a social youth club stressing moral and social reform rooted in Islam, by 1939 it had turned into a political organization. From its founding in 1928 through today, the Muslim Brotherhood has been a focal source of opposition to the government, rejecting the Western influences of secularism and modernization. Despite a constitutional ban against religious-based political parties and the Brotherhood’s technically “illegal” (though highly tolerated) status, members have been elected to Egypt’s parliament as independents in 1984, 1987, 2000. Most recently in Egypt’s 2005 Parliamentary elections, opinions were printed on election posters for the first time since they began running for seats in Parliament. Members of the Brotherhood incessantly used their religio-political slogan “Islam is the solution,” to in which the Muslim Brotherhood won a record high of 88 seats of the total 454, they ran over 150 Muslim Brotherhood members for candidacy as independents to circumvent the law out lawing their organization.

Hasan al-Banna leads the Brotherhood

Hassan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood using many of the same ideas as Islamic reformist Abduh Rashid Rida


1924: The National Assembly of Turkey abolishes the caliphate and crisis ensues in the Islam world

1928: The primary school teacher, Hassan al-Banna, establishes the Muslim Brotherhood as a youth club, primarily stressing moral and social reform with Islam at its core

1936: <> – The Muslim brotherhood takes a pro-Arab position and stands by the Palestinians fighting against Zionist settlements in Palestine. This formally initiates the Muslim Brotherhood’s transformation into a political entity

1939-1945: Brotherhood develops the clandestine Secret Apparatus

1939: The Muslim Brotherhood defines itself as a political organization

•A). “Islam is a comprehensive, self-evolving system; it is the ultimate path of life in all its spheres

•B). “Islam emanates from, and is based on , two fundamental sources, the Quran, and the Prophetic Tradition

•C). “Islam is applicable to all times and places” (Hiro 60)

Representative of the Brotherhoods maturing political stance and defining of Islam as a total ideology, dictating the political, economic, social and cultural lives of believers

1940: The organization boasts 500 branches: each with its own center, mosque, school and club. The Brotherhood establish militant training camps in the Mukatam Hills near Cairo and in the south of Egypt.

1940s: Beginning in the 1940s Brothers share their ideologies with nationalist leaders of the Free Officer’s Organization and thus increased membership through the recruitment of military officers.

1942: During World War II the British force Egypt King Faruq to appoint the pro-British Wafd leader, Nahas Pasha, as prime minister and ruin King Faruq’s image. Thus, the Brotherhood gains support as Western forces further dominate their land.

1946: The Muslim Brotherhood claims to have 500,000 active members in 5,000 branches and an additional 500,000 sympathizers.

1948: The Brotherhood initiates terrorist and subversive activities

•The Brotherhood holds the Egyptian government solely responsible for the losses and Arab disaster during the Arab-Israeli war

•December: Prime Minister Pasha instates a state of martial law and bans the Muslim Brotherhood

•December 28: Prime Minister is assassinated by a Brother

1949 February 12 Hassan al-Banna is killed near his office in Cairo by Egyptian secret service agents. Sayyid Qutb leads the Brotherhood

1950: The Martial law is lifted and the ban on The Brotherhood is removed; they are now allowed to function as a religious body

1951: Hassan Islam al Hudaybi is elected head of the Brotherhood

1952 January: The Brotherhood returns to the political arena and is active during the anti-British riots in Cairo

1952 July: The Brotherhood members are not banned following the coup because they are in cooperation with the Revolutionary Command Council.

1953 Gamal Abdel Nasser assumes supreme authority

Militant brothers revive secret cells called the Spiritual Order and carry out assassinations and subversive acts

1954 October 23: An extremist Brother, Abdul Munim Abdul Rauf attempts to assassinate Nasser at a public rally and fails.

•Abdul Rauf and five other Brothers are executed

•More than 4,000 Brotherhood activists are arrested

•Several thousand Brothers went into self-imposed exile in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon.

•Muslim Brother Hood is out lawed as a political organization.

1956: Israel, Britain and France invade Egypt and Nasser handles the situation well. His support rises and the Brotherhood membership suffered.

1964: Nasser releases the Muslim Brotherhood members as part of a general amnesty and wants to co-opt them into a newly formed government party to act as a counter force to communists who were also freed

Nasser faces three more assassination attempts

1966: 1,000 Brothers are arrested, 365 tried and the top leaders of the Brotherhood are executed, including Sayyid Qutb

1967 June: Arab-Israeli Six Day War is a humiliating defeat for the Arabs and a general belief is spread among the people that the defeat was a result of them having turned away from the will of God. The brotherhood enters a period of quiet

1970 September: Nasser dies

•<> accedes the presidency and promises that Sharia will be implanted as the law of Egypt.

•Sadat releases all Brotherhood prisoners

1973 October: Arab-Israeli War ends a militaristic stand-off and the Egypt regime sees it as a win

1975: Sadat declares general amnesty and returns to the multi-party system of the monarchical era.

1976: Apprehensive of the popular appeal of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sadat recognizes the organization as a distinct “tribune” and thus Brothers cannot participate as part of a political party in the parliamentary general elections

•6 Brothers are elected to parliament on the ruling Arab socialist Party ticket

◦They are known as the Daawa Group because Sadat allowed them to publish a monthly journal called al Daawa (The Call)

•9 Brothers win on the independent ticket

◦They received wider popular support and were more radical than the Daawa group

•Sadat’s success in co-opting many Brotherhood leaders into the political system instigates the departure of many militant Brothers from the organization, who go on to establish clandestine radical groups.

◦For more on these groups go to the “Off Shoots of the Muslim Brotherhood” page by clicking this link (Hiro 76)

1979: The Brotherhood strongly opposes the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel

1981 October 6: President Sadat is assassinated by 4 members of Jama’at Al Jihad.

1984: The Muslim Brotherhood cooperates with the Neo-Wafd Party in general elections and the Brothers win 8 seats.

1987: The Brotherhood cooperates with the Socialist Labour Party and the Liberal Socialist Party to form the Labour Islamic Alliance. The alliance wins 60 seats, of which 37 are held by Brothers.

1990 The Brotherhood boycotts the elections, protesting government controls at the polls

2005: The Muslim Brotherhood is prevented from running for parliamentary elections as a political party. Running as independents, 88 Brothers win seats of the total 454. The Brothers are the largest opposition group.


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