British Chinook Pilot Takes A Headshot, Then Flies Home

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Watch as the British pilot of this Chinook takes multiple hits, including a glancing shot to his own head, on a troop extraction run in Afghanistan. This is the definition of a hero.

The Chinook took multiple hits severing a hydraulic line, raking the fuselage and windshield with rounds.

Watch as the pilot takes a glancing ricochet to his left temple and manages to keep his wits about him, saying “Ok chaps, just to let you know I took a round through my front windscreen which came up and hit me on the head.” Even the Sun reporter — who also happens to host Wheeler Dealer, a car show on HD theater — does well to keep his composure during the report, as he himself is faced with the very real possibility of a crash and death.


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