Muslim Brotherhood: “The U.S. is Heading Towards it’s Demise”

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

“The lands of the Arabs and of Islam are now plagued with problems…”

What has to be understood by non-Muslims, and then discussed constantly, and loudly, so as to be overheard by the world’s Muslims, is all the ways that the “problems” that “plague” the Muslim states and societies are linked to, can be explained by, not by the conspiracy theories that Muslims are in thrall to, in which the Infidels are blamed because the universe is seen through the prism of Islam, but by Islam itself. Islam is a collectivist faith that has no use for individual rights. Islam is a faith of laws, laws as to what is Commanded and what is Prohibited, and there can be no questioning of those laws, or of the behavior of Muhammad, or of anything at all in Islam. The ideal Muslim is a “slave of Allah” who does as he has been told. Free and skeptical inquiry, about anything to do with Islam, is discouraged and even punished. Those who would exercise what in the West is called “freedom of conscience” and would leave Islam, are treated as Defectors from the Army of Islam. Thus Islam stunts the mental and moral growth of its adherents, and it is only those who manage to receive an education outside of Islam (the ruling class in Pakistan, for example, or in old Baghdad, or in Egypt, send their children to Christian-run schools, and then — if they are really lucky — to Western universities, but without giving any sign of recognition as to why they do this, as to why Western, non-Muslim schools are, and always will be, so superior to any schools run by, and with a curriculum conforming to, those who take Islam to heart.

Islam explains the impossibility of Western-style democracy, with attention paid to legal equality for minorities and solicitousness for individual rights.

Islam explains the failure of nearly a dozen Arab states to create modern econonomies, to stop being so reliant on armies of foreign workers, to stop being so reliant on oil revenues for their existence. The Muslim oil states have been the recipients ofthe most fantastic unearned wealth in human history, now some fourteen trillion dollars in oil and gas revenues since 1973 alone, money for which not a finger had to be raised, but is the result simply of an accident of geology (and the oil was discovered, and uses for it found, and ways to pump it out of the ground and transport it to, and distribute it within, oil-consuming nations, all by Infidels who, even today, are essential to the running of the oilfields in all of the Gulf Arab states (Iran may be able to manage on its own, but that is because of a peculiar feature of Iranian life, that despite the fanaticism of the regime, Iranians themselves have an alternative non-Islamic identity that makes them — necessarily there will be exceptions, as always, to this kind of observation — — more likely to rank higher on the civilisational scale, to the Arabs who have Islam and only Islam, nothing but Islam).

Socially, they retain the cruelty and crudity that no longer surprises us. The mistreatment of servant-slaves by rich Saudis, with their sneers of cold command, and their assurance that they are beyond any law, anywhere, is by now so well-known as not to need comment. The mistreatment, even the persecution and humiliation and even the murder, of non-Muslims, that we hear about in our daily Jihad News, in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Sudan, in Bangladesh, in Indonesia, in Saudi Arabia, in this Muslim land and in that, and the routine mistreatment — as we in the advanced world see it — of women, and the “honor” murders that take place, with impunity, in Muslim lands of women and girls deemed in the slightest to be wayward, though their waywardness might consist even of glancing at a boy, or of being the victim of rape, which of course requires that the glancing girl, or the raped woman, deserve — and get — death.

Intellectually, the Muslim world is a wasteland. Look at the numbers of scientific papers of merit published in the entire Muslim world. Compare Pakistan’s output with India, for example. Look at the wasteland of Saudi Arabia, the sheiklets, Libya, Sudan. Only when someone has had some access to Western education and, what’s more, manages to find a position outside the Muslim lands, can the science be done. We have all heard, endlessly, about that report on Arab Development written by Arabs themselves, in which they noted how few books were translated into Arabic. What those Arab Muslims writing the report did not say, and could not say, is that the indifference to the outside world, the idea of the non-Muslim world, is not new but has a long pedigree (despite that remark by Muhammad that gets such play, about seeking “knowledge” wherever it can be found), and the thing from abroad that really gets the attention of Muslims is one thing: military technology.

Morally — well, read the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira. Now ask yourself: if you subscribe to what is in that texts then where, morally, can you possibly stand?

All of these matters can be easily elaborated upon, and evidence adduced. What is keeping Muslims down, in every way, is Islam itself. Only in a few places, where Islam was for a long time constrained or suppressed — as in Turkey, or Kazakhstan — can one find large numbers of people who inhabit something like the same moral and mental universe.
And in those countries where Islam is taken most to heart — Saudi Arabia, Iran (under this regime), Sudan, Pakistan — one finds the most retrograde systems, the greatest outrages to endure.


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