Pakistan: Muslims Murder Entire Christian Family, Five Children

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is the sort of story that can be emailed, with a suitable covering note, by Christian jihadwatchers to their parish priests, pastors and ministers, and other members of the clergy who need ‘waking up’. If your elected representative is even nominally Christian, send it to him or her, as well!

If you are not a Christian, but have Christians among your friends and family and general acquaintance, send them this story, and the many many other distressing stories like it, from all over dar al Islam.

Be sure to mention that Muslims don’t just do this sort of thing to Christians: they used to do it to the Jews when the Jews lived as dhimmis under Muslim rule (the remnant Jews of Yemen and Persia still live under the permanent threat of the sword of Islam); in Bangladesh they also do it to the Buddhists and the Hindus; in Pakistan they do it to the Hindus and Sikhs as well as to Christians; in Saudi Arabia it isn’t just Christians among the millions of expat workers who must worship huddled away in secret, but also the Hindus; Islam is an equal-opportunity oppressor which hates and seeks to crush, absorb or destroy every last person and thing that is not-Islam.

Organisations that work to help persecuted Christians include ‘Barnabas Fund’, ‘Tears of the Oppressed’, ‘Release International’, ‘Open Doors’ and ‘Voice of the Martyrs’. I particularly recommend Barnabas Fund, founded by Canon Patrick Sookhdeo who is himself, by the way, an apostate from Islam to Christianity (he converted as a young uni student in the UK in the 1960s and went on to be ordained as a priest and to engage in evangelism in difficult inner-city parishes).

I do not know whether there are analogous organisations working specifically on behalf of other oppressed non-Muslim minorities within the Muslim world – e.g. Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. – but if anyone else knows of such, and can recommend them as reputable, do please provide information.


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