Something to Hide? Cordoba’s Hidden Website Disappears After Big Peace Exposé

Posted: August 20, 2010 in ISLAM, NEWS, POLITICS

Update: Rauf’s gang at the Cordoba Initiative tried to make their hidden website disappear. Of course, they weren’t successful; we’ve got the PDFs (here and www.cordobainitiative.org_recent_programs.html.pdf“>here).

And A Note to Rauf and the “Shariah Index Project”: We always get PDFs. And we’ve got more screen-captures and more of your hidden website material to expose.

Earlier this week, Christine Brim posted the first of a series of exposés on the hidden websites of the Cordoba Initiative, Faisal Abdul Rauf’s organization behind the Ground Zero Mosque. Since the article appeared, the site’s been taken down and, with it, crucial information about the “Shariah Index Project.”

SIP_Hidden_Website copy

What’s been below the radar in many news reports concerning the Ground Zero Mosque is that, prior to the provocative act of the mosque, Rauf’s main preoccupation has been Cordoba’s ‘Shariah Index Project. The tagline of the project was, “Imagine: a Perfectly Islamic State.”

Since the Cordoba people obviously have something to hide in regards to their imaginings about a “Perfectly Islamic State,” it’s probably a good time to re-examine the original Big Peace exposé: “Ground Zero Mosque’s Hidden Websites: Follow the Shariah.”


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