Details of ‘Operation Red Wing’ Included in WikiLeaks Documents

Posted: August 2, 2010 in MILITARY, NEWS, POLITICS

Somewhere in the tens of thousands of documents posted on WikiLeaks are details regarding what is regarded as one of the worst days of the war in Afghanistan, according to a feature on the New York Daily News.

Operation Red WingA dispatch included in the leaked documents talked of the fact that one of the rescuers on board a helicopter that was shot down en route to the aid of an ambushed Navy SEAL team may have survived. The document contained the initial reports of the military regarding the tragedy of Operation Red Wing. The report included an entry saying that an AH-64 attack chopper “observes 1X survivor at the crash site.”

This report was followed by intelligence from a drone, which came after a few minutes. It showed the Taliban moving in on the burning wreckage. Another report from an AC-130 airplane came in four hours later, and “reports 1 [person] with strobe in vicinity of crash site.”

According to Navy SEAL Michael Murphy’s father Dan, these details are something new to him, as mentioned to the Daily News: “I never heard anything about a survivor at all – I heard the opposite. The crash site was horrific and nobody could have survived.”

Reports from Afghanistan in the weeks following the incident indicated that the wreckage was hardly recognizable. The Taliban was said to have helped themselves to the weapons and gear of the SEALs before the arrival of the U.S. Teams.

There were also eyewitness accounts from pilots of other choppers who saw the strike against the MH-47. The report indicated that the “tail first sank down in the air, and then the crew reported it fell into the mountainside.”


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