Cool Stuff: Liquid Armor That Can Stop Bullets


Bulletproof Custard: Liquid Armor That Can Stop Bullets

When it comes to bulletproof material, I think of strong, dense objects like concrete and really thick glass. I’ve never thought of liquids. But British scientists have, and they say liquid armor is better than ordinary Kevlar.

They’re calling it “bulletproof custard” because once struck, its molecules lock together to create a denser surface. According to the scientists who’ve developed it, the liquid armor works by absorbing the force of the bullet strike and responding to it by becoming much thicker and more sticky.

But the idea behind liquid armor isn’t to replace Kevlar but rather to complement it to create a sort of super armor that’s lighter, more flexible, and of course, stronger. In tests, a 10-layer Kevlar and liquid armor vest outperformed a 31-layer ordinary Kevlar vest. Cutting out layers of Kevlar without losing any of that bullet stopping effectiveness is a win for everyone. I’m sure 50 Cent is happy. [BBC]


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