Thomas Moore Law Center Sues Against US Government Promotion, Advancement of Sharia

Posted: July 6, 2010 in ISLAM, NEWS

Monday, July 05, 2010

Legally Actionable: Lawsuit Heats Up Against US Government Promotion, Advancement of Sharia

David Yerushalmi and the Thomas More Law Center are continuing in their landmark lawsuit against the  the US government’s acceptance, promotion and advancement of sharia (Islamic law and finance). And yes, these are the same legal warriors who are representing me in my lawsuit against the city of Detroit for violation of free speech for refusing my freedom bus ads. Look for breaking news on that in the next few weeks.

David Yerushalmi explains the lawsuit against the sharia (Islamic law):

Shariah is the Islamic legal doctrine and system that drives jihad against the infidel West and provides for murdering apostates—those Muslims who seek to exercise some modicum of religious liberty by leaving Islam. Shariah-compliant finance (SCF) is the application of this dangerous if not fatal religious-legal system to modern finance, business, and economics. There is no space between the Shariah that drives OBL, Qaradawi, and the Muslim Brotherhood and SCF as practiced by Dow Jones, HSBC, AIG and others.

When the US government took more than $150 billion of tax payer money to bail out and take ownership and control of AIG, it had a duty to its citizens and to common sense to remove any vestige of Shariah as the enemy’s doctrine of war.

Instead, the US government embraced Shariah and provided AIG with over $1 billion to further its Shariah promotion. US taxpayer dollars used to promote the very Islamic legal doctrine that calls for our destruction as a Western constitutional republic free from tyranny and unwanted religious dogma.

Mr. Kevin Murray, a former combat Marine (Iraq) brought this suit seeking to force either AIG out of Shariah or the U.S. government out of AIG because anything less at the very least was a patent violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, not to mention an abject violation of the oath of office of every Treasury and Fed official embracing SCF.

This reply brief represents the final briefing stage before federal Judge Zatkoff of the Eastern District of Michigan rules on who wins. 

What follows is their final brief before oral arguments for the Cross Motions for Summary Judgment. This reply brief is good. It boils the case down to the bare bones in 5 short pages. Yerushalmi and Thomas More law center will be filing shortly a motion asking the judge to UNSEAL the redacted documents (you’ll note some of the AIG money trail in the footnotes is redacted in this public version; the details of our AIG discovery is all under seal currently) on the grounds that the information AIG and the government claim is confidential business information is in fact no such thing, and the public has a right to these documents. The court is likely to grant this motion, so we can expose the nitty-gritty of the money trail from taxpayer pockets to AIG to funding Shariah.

Also attached is the declaration sans exhibits, because it quotes the relevant passages from Harvard Professors Vogel and Hayes (the latter moderated the Treasury’s Islamic Finance 101 Seminar in Nov 08 right after the AIG takeover) seminal work on SCF as a refutation of the government’s pathetic claim that SCF is not really a religious endeavor (even though they did not even oppose their experts, Coughlin/Spencer, who made it clear that it was).

Read the documents — they are a beautiful thing, a fight for American law over the sharia:

“One of the more striking facts about the rise of Islamic banking and finance is that it represents an assertion of religious law in the area of commercial life, where secularism rules almost unquestioned throughout the rest of the world. Even as adherence to Western-derived commercial laws is becoming more commonplace and advantageous, Islamic finance challenges these laws in two key respects: first, it challenges the presumption that modern commercial mores are per se more efficient or otherwise superior; and second, it challenges the secular separation of commerce from consideration of religion and piety.” g. Page 20: “The question of whether law should be secular or religious can represent a false dichotomy for the Muslim. To the believer, Islamic law is not merely an obligation of conscience, which if observed earns eternal reward; the law is also the best guide to human welfare in this world. To believers, God [Allah] legislates for their well-being in this world and the next. As a law instilled by God [Allah] in man and nature, obedience to it leads to social and individual success and happiness. Muslims often conclude that their current 5 social, economic, and moral weaknesses are a consequence of their deviation from divine law in favor of Western ways.”

Here are the actual docs: Download Declaration–Yerushalmi_Final_for_Filing

Download Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Motion to Dismiss_w_exhibits_filed


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