Miss Virginia Visits USS Virginia SSN-774

Posted: June 24, 2010 in NEWS, PHOTOS, SUBMARINE

I know it’s only been a month since I wrote a “beauty queen visits submarine” post, but I had to write about the visit of Miss Virginia, Chinah Helmandollar, to USS Virginia (SSN 774) because of this picture:

Not only is it about the most detailed picture of the Virginia-class Ship Control Panel I’ve yet seen (especially if you enlarge the picture at the link), you have to admit that the crown really sells the whole thing. Plus, I like how the Eng got the Good Deal by getting to stand next to the pretty girl in this picture; normally, Eng’s are reduced to just giving the “here’s how the toilets work” portion of the VIP tour.

(Off topic, and because a bunch of people have E-mailed me about it, here’s a story about an apparently drunk yahoo off the coast of Florida who thought he saw a submarine periscope take off at 20 knots and “blow ballast” to submerge.)

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