Boy with Leukemia Spends Day with Navy SEALs

Posted: May 4, 2010 in MILITARY, NEWS
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Posted April 30th, 2010 by USNavySeals

There are a lot of things that boys dream about when they are eleven – and they ideally have a lifetime ahead of them to make these dreams come true. But when you are an 11-year-old suffering from leukemia, one has to balance one’s dreams for the future with the reality of today.

Colton Seybert

Colton Seybert from Florida is one such boy. He has battled leukemia, but that did not stop him from dreaming. And what he dreamed about was to spend a day with the Navy SEALs. On Thursday, he did exactly that. His parents had worked with the Make A Wish Foundation and managed to make one boy’s wish come true, as reported by WTKR-TV3.

The anchor spoke the truth when she said that the Navy SEALs knew all too well the saying “the only easy day was yesterday,” and that Colton lives that very saying.

With that connection, it seemed but fitting that Colton got to live the life of a Navy SEAL – and spent time with other Navy SEALs from the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek – even just for a day. He donned his own camos that had his name stitched on the lapel, worked the water obstacle course, climbed the cargo net and worked his way through the whole course. And he did all this with a smile that never seemed to go away – a feat that not too many SEALs can probably accomplish.

And what would a true SEAL be without a Trident? At the end of the day, Colton Seybert earned his Trident – a symbol of his courage and determination as he continued to fight his life-threatening disease.


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